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Moving along!!

Well here we are again. sorry it has taken me so long to post an update on the progress of our renovation. but the long “after work” work hours have been long and I haven’t had alot of creative energy left! Below are some pics of what we did a couple of weeks ago and I will try to post somemore tonight of the almost finished work!! This is the “retro” Kitchen! we are loving it and hope you will too. we hope to have some old records hanging on the walls and a chalk board for seniors to write their names and graduating year on. we hope this space will be fun to photograph in for seniors, families and many other things! the black and white checkerboard vinyl is what will be laid down in the next couple of weeks….as trendy and fun as the red would have been, it was decided that the time and efforts of trying to refinish it would far exceed just putting in something new! but we are excited about it it is going to look really great!

This is Dustin! He is engaged to Destiny! He is the master designer of the black antiquing that has made the kitchen really “work” he was really into it and we were so glad he stopped in to help!!
Here is the office floor! one more shot of this horrible floor before it becomes a beautiful masterpiece! Oh, and the starting of the fabulous built in desks that scott is designing!!

Destiny and I rolled out the “moisture” resisitant padding, cut to size…..well we tried anyway. we found that neither of us can cut a straight line…but we made it work! We won’t quit our day jobs!!

Scott is supervising! and teaching us how to interlock the flooring! It is so good he is a jack of all trades! I love this man!! he makes many of my dreams realities!

Here is the finished floor! Isn’t it beautiful! We are soo excited. the day after we laid it we got a horrible rain storm………we hadn’t seen water in this room the whole time we have been working….and all the rain we have been getting…..but don’t you know the minute we lay the floor……rain..leaking onto our new floor……I have no photo of this…..it was too painful to take a picture of it……I just went to buy a throw rug to cover the minor damage!
Here are some more candid pics of the work day….we had a great time and are making fantastic progress! We are so excited to share it with the public and all our faithful clients!!
Jim using a power tool….now that is a little scary! but he cut every board precisely correct!!

Cindy is our expert trimmer! She has the patience of Job!! We are so glad she is willing to take on even the painstaking work of trimming out even the hardest colors…black and red! bless her heart….she also cleaned up the bathroom! ….that will be getting a facelift soon too!

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